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At a time when aging services are under scrutiny, LeadingAge Tennessee members are proving there is a difference. By delivering more hands-on care and finding innovative ways to meet the needs of consumers—LeadingAge Tennessee setting the standards for excellence.

Membership gives you the tools, information and network to greater stability and growth, gives you the means to deal effectively with challenges, provides you with an extensive network of peers to turn to for help and puts you firmly in the ranks of the nation’s leading providers of healthy, affordable and ethical aging services.


Read on through this page to discover the benefits you and your community could enjoy and contact [email protected] with any questions. 




Advocacy: Leaders in Public Policy

LeadingAge Tennessee serves as an advocate for our members at the Capitol and in regulatory affairs, as well as in a variety of legislative, health care, housing and community leadership organizations. We meet one-on-one with these leaders to provide insights into the challenges and opportunities of providing quality services to older adults. We are a leader in providing information and advice to policy makers to encourage policies that will make aging services the center of innovative care for older adults.


Education: Innovation

LeadingAge Tennessee is well known for its outstanding educational opportunities. These include a host of professional development events throughout the year. Prominent educators motivate employees, management staff and boards on various topics ranging from regulatory issues to leadership skills.

Our philosophy is that culture is changed at the highest level but maintained by those dedicated individuals providing hands-on care on a daily basis. Our members are welcome to participate in web-based, audio, and in-person educational programs on daily operational needs and future challenges at a special member rate.


Leadership & Networking

LeadingAge Tennessee members believe that by sharing best practices and innovative approaches to care, we can make a difference in the lives of our residents and clients. Besides providing written information, we offer many opportunities for fellowship and networking including committee meetings, networking meetings and access to your peers. These avenues provide members practical and proven solutions for issues and concerns that may occur while caring for those entrusted to us.

 Connect with your colleagues locally by attending district meetings. These meetings provide a vital link between member, association leadership and staff and an opportunity for education, networking and fellowship.

Get involved by participating in various state and national committees, peer groups, the LeadingAge Tennessee Board of Directors or LeadingAge House of Delegates* and help shape the direction of the association while building relationships and networking with like minded individuals.


Information & Resources

 Members receive newsletters, publications, electronic messages and other communications intended to keep you informed and making sound decisions based on the best and most current information available in Tennessee and nationally. These communications keep members abreast of industry trends, community and association news, regulatory changes, legislative updates and action items, and much more. Members are able to customize communications through participation in listservs, broadcast emails, social networking, and newsletters with information specific to your community and your areas of interest.

Savings & Solutions

Benefit from Value First, a group purchasing organization owned by LeadingAge, LeadingAge Tennessee and 24 state affiliates established to maximize your buying power through a partnership with MedAssets nationally negotiated contracts on goods and services designed to meet the specific buying needs of healthcare and senior housing providers.

Joint Membership in LeadingAge*

LeadingAge Tennessee members enjoy valuable membership through our national affiliate, LeadingAge. The LeadingAge community includes 5,400 not-for-profit organizations in the United States, 38 state partners, hundreds of businesses, research partners, consumer organizations, foundations and a broad global network of aging services organizations that reach over 30 countries. The work of LeadingAge is focused on advocacy, leadership development, and applied research and promotion of effective services, home health, hospice, community services, senior housing, assisted living residences, continuing care communities, nursing homes, as well as technology solutions, to seniors, children, and others with special needs.

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*Joint membership in LeadingAge (the national association) is exclusive to not-for-profit members